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Oase Algo Fountain / clean water 500ml
Oase Algo Fountain / clean water Oase Algo Fountain / clean water 500ml
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Product description

Protection against algae for fountains.

• Keeps fountains sparkling fresh and clear

• Quick help against algae, bad odours and slippery surfaces

• Prevents limescale deposits

• Long lasting efficiency

AlGo Fountain keeps the water clean and clear in indoor and outdoor water features and ornamental fountains. The water clarifier can be used to prevent algae and odour forming and unattractive, slippery surfaces. Unsightly calcium deposits can also be prevented. When diluted, AlGo Fountain is non-hazardous for birds and other animals.


OASE AquaActiv AlGo Fountain Ornamental fountain clarifier Reliably and quickly eliminates bothersome algae growth in ornamental pools, such as indoor fountains, fountain pools and other indoor or outdoor architectural water elements. It keeps the water sustainably clear and also prevents unsightly algae growth and limescale deposits. Because this disinfectant also eliminates bacteria and fungi, slick biofilm and unpleasant odour are also effectively prevented. AlGo Fountain is compatible with the standard surfaces and technical products. With AlGo Fountain your ornamental pool always remains a sparkling eye-catcher. AlGo Fountain is a highly dosed biocide and consequently should not be used in garden ponds with biological filter systems and/or fish stock. On the other hand if ingested in diluted status, e.g. by dogs or birds, it is harmless. 

Safety instructions

In case of undiluted contact of equipment items and other surfaces, rinse off thoroughly with water. Do not use in biotopes or pools with ornamental fish. Keep under lock and key; keep out of the reach of children.

Dosage and contents

500 ml of the solution suffices for 200 litres of water. 5 l of the concentrate suffices for 10,000 litres of pond water The effect starts after approx. 24 h. We recommend regular re-dosing every 4 weeks to achieve an optimal result. Overdosing causes excessive foaming. In this case replace 50% of the water.