Walls PW1
98 kg

Fibreglass Wall

These are extremely rigid walls, which can be mounted to any surface using the mounting strip along the length of the base. The advantage of our fibreglass walls is that they have a hollow structure, so you can simply add lighting etc. The cleaning solution must be carefully chosen to ensure that it does not scratch the planter. Do not clean with steel wool, sand paper, solvents or any other abrasive materials, cleaning with a pressure washer can also cause damage. We have put together a special cleaning product: “Cleaner + Protector kit”.

Benefits Fibreglass walls:
• Cheaper than comparable walls
• Light in weight
• Very rigid fiber reinforced material
• Easy to maintain
• The standard colour used is white RAL 9016. Also available in RAL colours: 7021, 7035, 9010
• Easy self assembly lighting

Important: Our Walls can be mounted to a solid surface using the mounting strips (± 5cm per side) along the length of the base.

Cleaning and care product “Cleaner & Protector”