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A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

In-house design and production

In-house design and production

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

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Are you ready to elevate the appeal of your outdoor space to new heights? Meet the stunning planters from ADEZZ. With our planters, you stylishly bring nature closer and create an oasis of tranquility where you can wonderfully unwind. Step into your garden and feel the smile on your face grow at the sight of your elegant plants in our unique planters.

At ADEZZ, it's all about innovation and design. Over the past few years, we have significantly developed and now offer our customers even more variety with new product categories. With our growing assortment and the option for custom-made products, we can perfectly cater to your wishes.

Within our planter collection, we showcase our appreciation for authenticity and simplicity. These core values are reflected in our down-to-earth approach and our contemporary products with Dutch design. Regardless of your design preference, whether modern, traditional, industrial, or rustic, you will always find an ADEZZ planter that perfectly suits your style.

Dive into the world of ADEZZ and discover our unique selection of planters today. Your garden, balcony, or terrace deserves to look its best. Don't wait any longer to bring the outdoor life into full bloom with planters from ADEZZ. You'll be amazed at the difference our planters can make. All you need to do is select your favorite planters, choose your desired plants, and the transformation can begin. Browse our collection now and start creating your outdoor paradise!

Outdoor planters

Decorating your outdoor space is an exciting process where every detail counts. It’s not just about creating a beautiful area, but also about designing a place that will endure over the years. At ADEZZ, we fully embrace this vision. That’s why we offer a wide range of excellent quality materials, each carefully selected to perfectly balance durability and elegance.

Whether you want to create a modern, industrial theme in your garden, or prefer a cozy, traditional setting, at ADEZZ you’ll find a versatility of materials that fit perfectly with your style. From robust metal for an industrial look to warm, atmospheric wood for a rustic appearance, we have the options to bring your dream garden to life.

Our range of planters consists of:

  • Corten steel planter: Corten steel is a weather-resistant type of steel. Its unique rust pattern gives it a distinctive, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Moreover, it is exceptionally durable and practically maintenance-free, making it ideal for outdoor use.

  • Wooden planter: The natural warm appearance and aesthetic of wood make it a beloved choice for many garden designs. It is sturdy, customizable, and offers a comfortable outdoor living experience. With proper maintenance, it can last for many years.

  • Aluminum planter: This lightweight metal is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, making it perfect for outdoor use. It is also highly flexible and can be molded into numerous shapes, offering endless design possibilities.

  • Fibreglass planter: Fibreglass is a synthetic material designed to be durable and weather-resistant. It has a sleek and modern appearance and is easy to clean, making it perfect for outdoor living.

  • Bamboo planter: Bamboo is a natural material that can give your garden a unique and exotic look. It is incredibly strong and durable. Bamboo is also environmentally friendly, as it grows quickly and is biodegradable.

  • Metal planter: Coated stseel is steel that has been given a protective coating to enhance its durability and weather resistance. This layer can come in various colors and finishes, creating countless style options.

To guide you through all the possibilities, we are pleased to provide you with detailed information about the characteristics of each material. We also share useful tips on the care and maintenance of the materials, so you can enjoy the quality and beauty of our products for as long as possible. And, do you have specific wishes or ideas for custom work? Our team is ready to work with you to create a perfect design.

Planter with or without a base?

Whether a planter needs a bottom depends on how and where the planter is used.

If the planter is used outdoors, it depends on the situation. If the planter is placed on a hard surface such as concrete, stone, or wood, having a bottom can prevent the planter from retaining water and causing the plants to drown. However, if the planter is placed on grass or soil, the lack of a bottom can help with draining excess water and contribute to healthier plant growth.

In short, it depends on the situation and personal preference whether a planter needs a bottom or not.

Order planters

Discover the world of ADEZZ planters and experience what they can do! Planters are much more than just containers filled with soil. They serve as the home for your plants and flowers, an essential element in your vision of a perfect garden. This makes them not just a garden accessory, but an indispensable part of your outdoor space. With ADEZZ planters, you have the opportunity to bring nature closer to your home.

At ADEZZ, quality is our promise. Our planters are expertly designed and crafted with the best materials. They are robust, weather-resistant, and very easy to maintain. From minimalist designs to bold ones, we have them all. Whatever style you desire, you will find a perfectly fitting planter with us. And you know what the best part is? Our planters are also ideal for balconies and terraces. So, no matter where you live, you can always enjoy a small oasis of greenery with ADEZZ planters.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your outdoor space a new look by opting for robust, durable, and stylish planters. Dive into our shop and find the perfect match for your garden. Play with materials, designs, and sizes and discover what your dream garden could look like!