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A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

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5-year warranty

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Retaining walls

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Retaining walls are a functional component of any garden or outdoor space. They are used to accommodate differences in height, allowing you to create different levels in your garden. In addition, they are perfect for separating certain parts of your garden and give your garden a sleek and modern appearance.

ADEZZ retaining walls combine functionality, durability, and design, elevating your garden to a higher level. These ready-made construction elements are ideal for creating different levels or for making a flower bed. Our retaining walls are of high quality, made from strong, durable material that withstands the elements, yet are easy to install and maintain.

Discover the advantages of our retaining walls and give your garden or outdoor space a complete makeover. Get inspired by our wide range and find the perfect style, size, and material for your garden.

What are retaining walls?

What exactly are retaining walls? A retaining wall is a structure that holds the earth in place and prevents soil from flowing through the garden. Retaining walls are strong, reliable, and durable, which means your garden looks its best all year round, regardless of the weather conditions.

There are countless applications for retaining walls. For example, you can use them to manage height differences in your garden. This creates interesting levels and gives you the freedom to experiment with various landscape designs. With the versatility and stability they offer, you could say that retaining walls are the ace in your garden team!

At ADEZZ, we like to add a little extra to our products. Our retaining walls are designed with your needs in mind and are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials that adapt to your unique outdoor space. Our passion for simplicity and authenticity ensures that our retaining walls are indispensable for any garden enthusiast.

Whether you're a seasoned gardening professional or simply someone who loves a beautiful garden, our retaining walls are here to help you. Take a look around our website and discover how retaining walls can enhance your garden. At ADEZZ, we are ready to help you realize the outdoor space of your dreams! Questions or need advice? Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!

How to install a retaining wall?

Installing a retaining wall can be done in different ways, depending on the specific situation and the desired stability.
Here are some general steps that can be followed when placing a retaining wall:

  1. Prepare the ground. Check whether the surface on which you are going to place the retaining walls is flat and load-bearing. If not, it is essential to first realize this, as unevenness and lack of load-bearing capacity can cause problems such as damage to the product.

  2. Placing retaining walls. Set up the retaining walls on the prepared load-bearing ground. Ensure that the elements are positioned correctly according to your design.

  3. Secure the retaining walls. Start bolting the retaining walls with the supplied materials. Be careful though! It is recommended to first loosely tighten all the bolts, and only then firmly tighten each bolt.

  4. Drilling holes. Then, drill the holes into the load-bearing ground where you want to attach the retaining walls. The bottom of the retaining walls already has holes, so you just need to drill matching holes in the ground.

  5. Connecting retaining walls. Connect the retaining walls to the ground using plugs or, if needed, a chemical anchor. Again, first slightly tighten all bolts and then tighten them one by one securely.

  6. Filling the inside of the retaining wall. After securing the retaining walls, fill the inside of the retaining wall with the appropriate material, such as soil or sand.

  7. Completing paving. After filling the retaining walls, you can complete any paving that you have planned. Ensure a stable and even finish for the best result.

Installing a retaining wall can be a complex process and it is important to follow the specific instructions and guidelines provided by the retaining wall manufacturer. It may be useful to seek advice from ADEZZ or contractors experienced in installing retaining walls.

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Available in a variety of materials, from corten steel retaining walls to hardwood, you will always find a retaining wall that perfectly matches your style and wishes with us. Complete your garden with a retaining wall and give your outdoor space the look you've been dreaming of. Visit our website and discover which retaining wall is perfect for your garden!