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Wood storage

Why is wood storage important?

FORNO's wood storage allows you to store firewood and firewood in a safe, efficient and organised way. Proper wood storage is important to prevent firewood from being exposed to weather conditions such as rain, snow, moisture and heat. This allows you to keep the wood longer and reduce the risk of mould and rot. Also, using good wood storage ensures that your firewood stays dry, resulting in effective combustion and longer life. Wood stores can additionally add a stylish look to your garden or indoor space. The timeless and stylish designs of wood stores from FORNO offer endless possibilities to make your wood storage part of your outdoor or indoor space and even combine it with other furniture.

What are the advantages of wood stores from FORNO?

The benefits of FORNO wood stores:

  • The wood stores are available in both Corten steel and black-coated steel.

  • The wood stores are made with a 3mm material thickness which makes these wood storage products very strong and heavy to load with wood.

  • The use of steel makes our wood stores a weather-resistant and durable product.

  • The sleek and timeless design of our wood stores makes them an addition to any garden.

  • Standard 5-year warranty on all our wood stores.

Would you like to know more about our woodstores?

Then contact our customer service via our contact page. You can also consult us for custom-made advice.