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A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

In-house design and production

In-house design and production

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

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Outdoor flower pot

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Create your ultimate outdoor space with a planter from ADEZZ. Our extensive range of outdoor planters is carefully designed, focusing on both functionality and style. Whether you prefer minimalist elegance or rugged boldness, we have the perfect planter for you.

At ADEZZ, we understand how important it is for your garden to be a place where you can relax and enjoy. That is why we strive to design products that complement and enrich your garden. Our planters are designed to seamlessly blend with your existing decor while adding a touch of elegance and style.

We are not only proud of the style of our products but also of their durability. Our planters are made from high-quality materials to ensure they withstand the elements. They are built to last for many years, just like the beautiful plants you will place in them.

Discover our impressive range of planters today. They are the perfect addition to any garden and elevate your outdoor space to a whole new level of style and sophistication. Shop now, because outdoor living starts at ADEZZ!

Which perennials in an outdoor flower box?

Choosing the right perennials for flower boxes can be a challenge, but we at ADEZZ are happy to help you get started. Your first choice should be which plants thrive best in your climate and the specific conditions of your outdoor space. Plants like lavender, rosemary, and sage will do great in sunny spots and offer the bonus of wonderfully fragrant leaves.

Want to add some color to shady corners? Then go for hostas and ferns. These plants are extremely tolerant of shade and enrich your garden with their lush green leaves.

Another factor to consider when choosing perennials for outdoor flower boxes is the height and growth habit of the plant. For a harmonious look, combine low ground covers like thyme with taller plants such as honeysuckle. This ensures variety and interest in your flower boxes.

Don't forget that each plant requires unique care. We understand that maintaining perennials in outdoor flower boxes is an important aspect for garden enthusiasts. That’s why we offer you a wide range of stylish, weather-resistant and low-maintenance flower boxes.

With the right choices and the right care, perennials in outdoor flower boxes give your garden or balcony a beautiful look all year round. Discover our range of flower boxes today and experience the enriching power of perennials in your outdoor space!

Drainage in outdoor planter

Our planters are designed to enhance the appearance and health of your plants. Thanks to the drainage holes, your flowers and plants can always enjoy the perfect moisture balance. Did you know that standing water can be fatal for your plants? That's why a good drainage system is essential in an outdoor planter.

The drainage holes in our planters are designed to be unobtrusive yet effective. They prevent overwatering by removing excess water but retain enough moisture to keep the soil hydrated. This way, your plants stay happy, healthy, and green.

Beautify and green your garden with ADEZZ. Check out our collection now and discover the perfect outdoor planter for you. Start creating your own green oasis today. Add to cart!

Flower pot outdoor materials

A planter is more than just a container, especially when it's from ADEZZ. We have chosen to push the boundaries by using a variety of materials in our production.

  • Corten steel planter: Corten steel is a material we are proud of. It has a warm, rusty color and is both strong and durable. Our Corten steel planters withstand all weather conditions and last for a long time.

  • Aluminum planter: If you choose an aluminum planter, you're not only getting a lightweight and durable product but also something chic. The natural shine of aluminum gives a modern, elegant touch to your outdoor space.

  • Fibreglass planter: ADEZZ's polyester planters are versatile and practical. They are light, strong, and frost-resistant. An added benefit is that they come in various shapes and sizes, ensuring that there is a suitable planter for every type of garden.

  • Wooden planter: Our hardwood planters bring you back to nature. They exude tranquility and create an atmospheric, harmonious look in your garden. The planters are robust, durable, and improve with age.

  • Steel planter: For those who appreciate industrial flair, galvanized steel planters are the perfect choice. They are strong, corrosion-resistant, and give your garden a unique appearance.

Your choice of material depends on the look and feel you want to give your outdoor space. If you long for a natural appearance, hardwood is an excellent match. For a modern, industrial style, our aluminum or galvanized steel planters are ideal.

Each material tells a story. With ADEZZ planters, you determine that story yourself. So what are you waiting for? Discover our wide range of planters now and give your garden the makeover it deserves!

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Discover the versatility of our outdoor planters, available in various materials such as Corten steel, galvanized steel, polyester, and aluminum. Each planter is designed with durability in mind and is a unique addition to your outdoor environment. Give your garden a fresh look with our stunning collection and enjoy the beauty of outdoor living at its best. Ready to upgrade your garden with our unique planters? Explore the full range and choose the perfect planter for your outdoor space today!