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A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

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In-house design and production

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5-year warranty

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Planter on wheels

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Have you ever wished that your garden could be just a bit more dynamic? This possibility can now be realized with ADEZZ's unique planter on wheels. The unparalleled combination of style, function, and innovation makes our planter on wheels the perfect choice for gardening enthusiasts who strive for flexibility and smooth changes in their outdoor space.

Our Dutch design is characterized by sublime simplicity and originality. You can see this reflected in the recessed wheels of the planter. At first glance, it looks like the planter is resting stably on the ground, but beneath that minimalist beauty lies a clever mechanism: invisible, recessed wheels. This innovative feature provides you the freedom to carefully move the planter and revitalize your garden. Moreover, the recessed wheels are not only practical but also contribute to the sleek and modern design of the planter. Without visible wheels, the stylish appearance of the planter remains undisturbed.

At ADEZZ, we believe that design has the power to inspire and innovate. That’s why we strive to offer products that embrace authenticity and simplicity. Discover it today and create the garden you’ve always wanted.

Please note, these planters are not easy to move. They require careful handling. But trust us, the cautious approach is entirely worth it.

Which outdoor planter on wheels?

Our flexible and trendy planter boxes on wheels from ADEZZ come in various sizes and materials. Whether you prefer square or rectangular designs, or love the sleek look of aluminum, the warm corten steel, or the versatility of polyester - we have it all.

At ADEZZ, we understand that your garden should be a place where you love to spend time. That's why we offer planter boxes that transform your garden into a vibrant and inviting space. For instance, choose our square and rectangular planters that effortlessly give your garden a modern and clean appearance.

Not only the shape but also the material of our planter boxes plays a significant role in the final look of your garden. Let’s delve deeper into our three favorite materials: polyester, aluminum, and corten steel.

Our fibreglass planters are characterized by their lightweight nature, yet they are remarkably strong and durable. They can withstand the most turbulent weather conditions, stains, and scratches. Additionally, their sleek design is a paragon of elegance.

If you love an industrial look, then our aluminum planters will certainly appeal to you. These planter boxes can endure heavier loads, they do not corrode and retain their shine. They are distinguished by a contemporary design and provide a beautiful contrast with lush plants and flowers.

Then there are the corten steel planters, a very strong and weather-resistant material known for the characteristic rust-brown color that develops over time. The robust, industrial look of corten steel planter boxes fits perfectly in modern gardens and can add a unique, quirky element to your outdoor space.

Come and view your favorite ADEZZ planter boxes on wheels today and give your garden a boost! Or contact us for customized advice. We are happy to help you bring your garden to life.

Planter box on wheels for terrace partition

Need a bit more privacy on your terrace in the spring? Meet a smart and stylish solution: the ADEZZ planter on wheels. This unique planter offers more than just a place for your plants. Did you know you can also use it as a terrace divider? It’s a modern, flexible way to shape your outdoor living space.

As a terrace divider, the planter serves as an attractive visual screen. You can gently move it to the desired spot depending on the function you have in mind. Bring a touch of greenery to your terrace while simultaneously creating privacy without losing openness. These planters are a valuable addition to any modern garden design, with their clean lines and Dutch design.

Now, there is something you need to keep in mind. Despite their mobility, these planters on wheels are no toy. When filled with soil and plants, they are quite heavy. We thus recommend being careful when moving the planter.

Ditch your traditional terrace fencing and make a statement with ADEZZ planters. And the best part? You can enjoy them every time you step into your garden. Check out our range of planters on wheels now and give your terrace that well-deserved upgrade.

Order planter on wheels

Don't be afraid to upgrade the functionality and style of your outdoor space with ADEZZ planters on wheels. This exceptionally versatile choice can be seamlessly integrated into any garden or patio, regardless of the style. Whether you choose a square or even a rectangular shape, we have the perfect option for you! Available in various materials such as corten steel, polyester, or aluminum, you can be sure to find the perfect match for your garden design. What are you waiting for? Explore our extensive collection of ADEZZ mobile planters now and find the perfect match for your garden!