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Stock available for immediate delivery

A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

In-house design and production

In-house design and production

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

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Wooden planter

Buy wooden planter

If you are looking for a stylish and natural way to bring your garden to life, then the wooden planters from ADEZZ are exactly what you need. Crafted with attention to detail and a deep understanding of what truly makes a garden perfect, our planters offer you a unique way to enjoy your green space.

Our wooden planters come in various sizes and designs, so you will always find the perfect planter that matches your style and needs. Whether you are looking for a large, statement piece for your courtyard, or a small, unique piece for your balcony or terrace, we have the perfect planter for you.

At ADEZZ, we understand that durability and quality are important. That’s why our wooden planters are made with only the best materials and techniques. The result is a robust and weather-resistant product that lasts long and also has a beautiful appearance.

So, are you ready to give your garden that extra bit of charm and character? Explore our beautiful collection of planters today, including our wooden planters, corten steel planters, and bamboo planters. Transform your garden into a personal paradise.

Wooden planter outside

Come Rain or Shine, Your Planter Stays Put! Made from premium wood types, our planter is built to withstand all the elements the Dutch seasons can throw at us. Whether the spring sun is shining or the winter wind is howling, your planter remains impeccable.

Our wooden planter excels in ease of maintenance. An occasional clean with a soft brush and some water is enough to keep your planter in top condition. Moreover, in the rare event that an issue arises, our dedicated customer service team is ready to answer your questions and resolve any problems.

With a planter from ADEZZ, you are investing not only in a stylish and functional garden accessory but also in durability and convenience. Watch your garden come to life while you enjoy a hassle-free gardening experience. With our wooden planters, you can create a garden where you can relax with pride and pleasure. Shop now for your ideal planter at ADEZZ! Your garden deserves the best, and we offer it.

Advantages of a wooden planter

In addition to being a visual delight, wooden planters also offer various practical benefits.

  1. An ADEZZ wooden planter instantly brings a natural look to your garden. Wood is a timeless material for the garden.

  2. Thanks to the unique materials we use, unwanted intruders such as weeds and insects have less of a chance, while plants thrive in the prime of their lives.

  3. The ADEZZ wooden planter is sustainable. Wood is a renewable resource that simultaneously maintains the natural energy balance. In this way, you also do the earth a great favor.

  4. From modern to classic, our selection of planters is designed in various styles, but they all have one thing in common: an innovative design that instantly transforms your garden or balcony.

Order wooden planter

Experience the simple beauty of our planters. With their sleek lines and soothing natural appearance, this flower box transforms your garden into a tranquil oasis. The Dutch design is reflected in the functional yet stylish finish, making it a perfect addition to any outdoor space.

Moreover, if you're looking for something unique, ADEZZ offers customization options. Share your idea with us, and we’ll ensure your vision is brought to life. This way, your garden truly becomes an extension of your living space, perfectly aligned with your desires and style.

Our wooden planter is more than a simple garden accessory. It is an invitation to spend time outdoors, to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature from your own garden. Allow us to help you relax and transform your outdoor area into a magnificent dream garden.

Are you ready to upgrade your garden with our authentic, simple, and stylish ADEZZ wooden planter? Don’t wait any longer and explore our unique selection now.