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A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

A reliable partner in the green industry since 2009

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In-house design and production

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5-year warranty

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Dive into the great outdoors with the beautiful outdoor planters from ADEZZ. At ADEZZ, we understand that being outdoors is becoming increasingly important. It is our mission to turn your garden into an oasis of peace, relaxation, and enjoyment. Our planters are the perfect addition to bring your outdoor space to life.

ADEZZ is known for its refreshing, down-to-earth attitude and contemporary products with Dutch design. This is also reflected in our collection of outdoor planters. The planters are designed with authenticity and simplicity in mind. They are ideal for creating the perfect ambiance and enhancing the natural beauty of your outdoor plants. We have an extensive range of planters that continues to grow and evolve. We are constantly innovating to add new, innovative products to our range. Whether you like modern, rustic, minimalist, or industrial styles, we have a planter that perfectly matches your garden.

With ADEZZ outdoor planters, you can easily transform your garden into a beautiful extension of your living room. Discover our collection today and start transforming your outdoor space. With ADEZZ, you create outdoor moments that you look forward to with pleasure!

Which plants in an outdoor planter?

Create your own little green oasis with ADEZZ planters! Whether you have a spacious terrace at your disposal or just a small balcony, our planters are an ideal solution to enjoy colorful and lively plants in your outdoor space. But what plants can be planted in an outdoor planter?

If you want to enjoy greenery in your garden all year round, hardy plants such as boxwood, lavender, and roses are an absolute must for your planter. These strong plants give structure to your garden and remain beautiful even in the winter months.

For a colorful touch, opt for seasonal plants like geraniums, petunias, and pansies. These bloomers provide a cheerful appearance and attract bees and butterflies. However, keep in mind that these plants are generally less hardy in winter.

Do you like variety? Then choose different types of herbs such as mint, rosemary, or basil in your planters. They not only look beautiful but are also particularly practical and can be especially delicious in your summer dishes. Additionally, you can also consider the many ornamental grasses or even small shrubs like the Hydrangea for a robust and modern appearance in your planters.

It is important to consider the care of the plants. Depending on your chosen plants, they may need a lot or a little sun and water. It might be wise to ask an expert about the maintenance of your new plants when purchasing them, so they stay beautiful for a long time.

In short, there are countless variations possible to make your outdoor space bloom with ADEZZ planters! Check our website for inspiration and our range, and turn your garden, terrace, or balcony into a cozy little garden with beautiful plants that suit you.

What soil for outdoor planter?

Besides choosing the right plants, selecting the appropriate soil is also a crucial aspect for successfully growing plants in your outdoor planters. Firstly, we recommend using special potting soil because it has the right composition and nutrients for your plants.

Soils come in various types depending on the needs of the plants. For most flowering plants, vegetables, and herbs, a general potting soil is sufficient. This provides a good balance between drainage and water retention, which is important for keeping roots healthy. For acid-loving plants like rhododendrons or azaleas, you should opt for a special rhododendron or ericaceous soil. Cacti and other succulents require sandy soil for proper drainage.

Always make sure to choose the right soil that matches the needs of your plants to help them grow and thrive in ADEZZ planters.

Why are drainage holes so important?

Growing plants in planters is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor gardens. It provides a practical solution for managing plants, maximizing space, and creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Although choosing the right planter is important, it is often the drainage holes in the planters that are underestimated. However, these small holes play a crucial role in successfully growing plants by for example:

  • Moisture regulation: The main function of drainage holes is to regulate the moisture content of the soil in which the plants are growing. When water enters the planter, it must have a way to escape. Without drainage holes, excess water would remain in the soil, which could lead to waterlogging and the roots of the plants becoming suffocated. This could lead to rotting of the roots and eventually the death of the plant.

  • Preventing excess water: The drainage holes also help to prevent overwatering. They enable the plant to absorb only the needed water, while excess water is drained off. As a result, the soil remains moist, but not saturated, which is essential for the growth and development of healthy plants.

  • Promoting root health: Having drainage holes in planters is also critical for root aeration. When water enters the planter and can then escape, it creates space for air to reach the soil. This helps keep the roots healthy, as they need oxygen to breathe. Lack of aeration can lead to root rot and a decline in the overall health of the plant.

  • Washing away harmful substances: The drainage holes facilitate the leaching of accumulated salts and minerals in the soil. Over time, salts can accumulate in the soil as a result of regularly watering the plant. This accumulation can change the soil's acidity and be harmful to the plants. Having drainage holes in planters allows the excess water to wash away these salts and maintain healthy soil.

In short, the importance of drainage holes in planters cannot be overstated. They play a crucial role in regulating humidity, preventing waterlogging, improving root aeration, and preventing the accumulation of harmful salts. Even a planter on legs can help with your plants' health, allowing water to drain away more easily. All our planters have drainage holes or circles where you can drill your drainage holes, for instance in a round planter or an aluminum planter. We're here to help your plants grow.

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Discover the perfect addition to your outdoor space with our elegant planters. Easily add a green touch to your patio, balcony, or garden. Order now and enjoy your new green oasis!